About us

The MEDIACentre is based at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences and is historically closely linked to the research and educational activities. The members have all kind of professional roots but are re-uniting in the large scope of “something with media”:
  • creating outreach,
  • supporting e-learning and remote and hybrid teaching varieties,
  • fostering a holistic understanding of media use for research and teaching,
  • co-teaching in academic context and consulting and media training for hands-on media production.

The goal is to develop knowledge in close connection to the “client’s” demands but also in observing the technological progress and then in filtering, what may be useful in daily life adoption and on the other hand identifying likely dead ends beforehand.


Here you find a non-exhaustive selection of cooperations and projects of the MEDIACentre

– Luxembourg Peace price
– Transatlantic Dialogue 2014-2021
– Esch 2022 (different projects)
– Emigration Game Development
– Co-teaching Practical Workshop “Working in the Media”
– Co-teaching “unfree labour” seminar
– Cooperation in student projects to develop non-linear storytelling projects (web-documentaries)
– Exposition projects in different museums
– professional Live-Playout to EBU satellite
– Cooperation in EU funded projects like European Citizen Campus or Copernicus MOOC
– Creation of a pedagogical support Programme for media use in teaching and academic context
– Implementation of a university-wide MediaAssetManagement Platform for archiving AV assets