(in alphabetical order)

Nicolas Donnerup
Years of experience in sound engineering and media production with international roots, he is the one who does magic when the circumstances are not so ideal. His relaxing and welcoming way of communicating and working with clients is one of his many qualities.

Alexandre Germain
With probably the longest experience in the AV production, Alexandre is known for his deep and detailed knowledge in digital media production technology and is the one who to ask for Media Asset Management and the implementation to facilitate collaboration with researchers and “clients”.

Sascha Helsper
One foot in media concepts and media production and the other one rooted in media studies, he sees his role being the « missing link » and interpreter between academia and the technical world.

Shahed Parnian
His long competencies in the large field of e-learning and teaching technologies do qualify him as well appreciated partner for teaching questions. He develops innovative hand-tailored concepts together with teachers to raise the level of teaching and learning experience.

Arno Ravasio
He is coming from the IT world and is approaching and enriching the media world with his analytic experience in the understanding of digital media concepts. He is our specialist for digital communication like video conferencing systems.

Karsten Schönbein
He is the main pillar regarding the MEDIACentre’s lab support. He does not only know, how EEGs and amplifiers work, his analytic capabilities and long experience in science are appreciated in the faculty’s laboratories.

Current and former student helpers:

Alborz T.
Being Master student at our university, he does not only support the team but gives new input from another direction: architecture. Working on innovative concepts of media use in architecture and art expositions (e.g. video mapping) he adds valuable input to the MC’s aesthetics handwriting.

Former student helpers:
Tessy Steffen König
Having studied in Trier and Berlin and working as journalist at Radio 100,7 now, Tessy was the first to develop a web-documentary at the MEDIACentre which was at the same time part of her Master-Thesis.

Johannes Heuschkel
very talented Beat-Boxer, member of the Campus Radio and young awarded entrepreneur in the social sector of Luxembourg, we are more than happy to have Johannes in the “hall of fame” of students in our team.